Multistage Pumps

A multistage pump is a versatile type of pump that incorporates two or more impellers, which can be of the same or different types. These impellers may include low NPSH suction impellers, double suction impellers, or a combination of centrifugal first stage and side channel stage impellers.

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Multistage Pumps

Parts of a Multistage Pump:

The components of a multistage pump are similar to those of a standard centrifugal pump, with the addition of diffusers in multistage centrifugal pumps. These diffusers efficiently channel the fluid into the impeller's eye or to the following stage. Side channel pumps feature intermediate plates with scalloped side channels and liquid parts.

How a Multistage Pump Works:

A multistage pump operates by having one impeller feed into the next impeller. The number of impellers required depends on the discharge pressure requirement. Liquid enters the pump and passes through the various impellers in a sequence from left to right.

Applications and Uses of Multistage Pumps:

Multistage pumps find numerous applications in delivering water to high-rise buildings, reverse osmosis (RO), boiler feed water, spraying, high-pressure cleaning, water works, heating, condensate, fuel delivery, oil and gas production, power generation, mining, and other high-pressure and temperature applications.

Different Types of Multistage Pumps:

There are various types of multistage pumps available, including horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps (above ground), vertical multistage centrifugal pumps (above ground), submersible/sump pump types, side channel pumps, combination pumps (e.g., centrifugal low NPSH first stage with side channel additional stage), horizontal split case pumps, vertical turbine pumps, and sanitary multistage pumps.